Game in your News Feed
You are reading status updates from your friends on Facebook, looking at their photos and watching youtube videos. But why you can't also play games just right there, in your News feed, without any friction? Now you can.


Social Experiment: Justice
Justice - our first feed game. It is about moral choices. Player can become a judge and post cases with crime descriptions to Facebook. Then some of his friends can vote in comments below the posts and decide if a suspected person deserves punishment or not.
In this very simple game, you can set the word and post it to the Facebook. Your friends will be able to guess this word letter by letter right in their News Feed.
It is similar to the Wheel of Fortune or the Hangman, but much more fun!
You invited friends to the cabin in the woods to the party, and everyone had fun. Everything was going as usual.
But suddenly something went wrong.

Connoisseurs of trash horror movies will enjoy it.
You will be able to gather the football team of your friends on Facebook and try to kick ass the famous football club in early 2015.